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A Visit to the Cross River National Park

Town of Akampa

Explore calabar City and Attractions

The Cross River National Park was established in 1991 by the Federal Government of Nigeria and commissioned by Former president Olusegun Obasanjo. According to Mr Fidelis ( Principal park inspector& Campaign officer,ErokutCamp, Cross River National Park) the path we walked through is the Kwa River trail though we have other paths like Natural trail and Transect trail) .The forest is never dry and it is the oldest rain forest in Africa. This is a tropical rain forest Park with focus on9 primates(Chimpanzees, Gorillas and different types of monkeys like red Mona e.t.c.).The Park practice an in-situ conservation mode. The Park does not interrupt in the habitual life of the Primates. Here is a marked depature from the Zoo practice. There are various peculiarities most especially in the rainforest ,there is poor visibility because of the thick vegetation. Though the animal may be very close but because of the dense vegetation people may not see them but if you are moving quietly ,you may be lucky to see them suddenly before they take off .The most common animals you can see are the Primate and the fact remains that they are not confined ,they move naturally on their own.Other animals visible in the Park include ,buffalo,elephant,antelope,Bush pigs. e.t.c. Quality time was spent in the forest seeing different types of leaves that are medicinal and useful in treating Anaemia many others ailments.A fruit that caught our attention in the park is the Monkey kola which is a favourite food of the Mona monkey. The monkey Kola is eaten by humans too and it has a sweet taste . Over 205 ranger posts can be found in the Cross River National Park located in strategic sites so as to monitor movements within the Park.Wild and domestic pears are also found in the park. Birds serve as seed dispersal agents as they serve to drop pear seeds in the forest which germinate as wild pear.A visit to the Cross River National Park is definitely a wonderful experience.

Akampa , a town in the setting of the book ” Ralia the sugar girl

City of Calabar was not left out as we visited the museum of Slave history.The museum was established in 2007 and commissioned on 17 March 2011.It is rich resource on the activities of Slave trade in the 15th century.The adventure to the Kwa falls located in the oban division of the Cross River National Park.A deep plunge pool forms at the bottom of the waterfall which is characterised by well arranged stairs of 234 steps from top to bottom.

Indeed a great adventure.

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My experience today at the lovely great ancient rock.

Its on the west side of the federal capital Territory Abuja. It is located on the right hand side of Abuja – Kaduna express road.It 30km to the city centre,40km to Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Abuja. It is claimed to measure over 1000 feet high and over 700 feet wide. It’s actual geographic location is Zuba, which is in Niger State, a neighbouring state to Abuja. But since it is closer to Abuja than Minna (Niger state capital), it is commonly said to be in Abuja. The rock is said to be of historic importance as it is claimed to have protected the Zuba residents from enemies. It is also presently believed to possess spiritual power. This is one believe that is widely accepted among Abuja residents. This is said to be the reason why people cannot live close to the rock. A recent evidence to this is the abandoned hotel building at the foot of the mountain. The six storey structure was intended to be the Niger State Sheraton hotel as claimed, but the structure is abandoned as it is believed to be hunted by spirits at night.
Residents of Zuba also believe that the rock has ways of signalling major events in the city, like the death of a prominent person. It is said to have a human face on one of its sides with eyes, nose and a mouth. Its picture is on the 100 ( one hundred naira note).Visiting Zuma Rock between April and October,which marks the rainy season in Nigeria.

Do you know Zuma rock is twice as high as the World famous Uluru Rock in Australia .This is a great place to visit as Tourists and fun seekers.Are you interested to visit this lovely attraction, please chat me up at the comment section.

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ONE NAIRA ( 1864 – 1964 )Face of ONE NAIRA COIN – Herbert MacaulayNigeria’s monetary system evolved gradually with initial use of Trade by Barter to the use of cowries and Manilla, Manilla was used as a form of money made of bronze or copper. They were also sometimes worn as bracelets or leg-bands.In 1973, Nigeria changed baton, with the introduction of Coins and Bank Notes.Should Nigeria government go back to Coin ? Comment


Live at Okota Festival ,Arigidi AKOKO
Aare Ona kakanfo Iba Gani Adams hosted distinguished Nigerians today in Arigidi Akoko during celebration of Okota Okota Festival
Pix 1 : With Ondo State Commissioner for Tourism ,Arts and Culture, Yemi Olowolabi
Pix: With CPS to Ondo State Governor ,High Chief Segun Ajiboye ,
Pix3 : Paying obesiance to Zaki Arigidi and Aare Ona kakanfo
Pix4: Delivering goodwill message from Ekiti State Council for Arts and Culture
Pix5: Group picture with Aare Onakakanfo and other distinguished guests

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